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World Events have global financial repercussions and money managers must anticipate the effects of incessant fluctuations on investment portfolios. We offer our clients a sound, conservative approach to investing backed by extensive money management experience. Our mission is to design solid investment portfolios so as to grow and protect assets based on client investment needs and risk tolerances.


The firm believes it is essential for investment managers to understand the policy and actions of the Federal Reserve, the Administration, and Congress, as well as those of key foreign governments and central banks. The preservation of capital is of prime concern. The firm strives for premium return- an aim viewed, however, in the context of market risks and the risk tolerances set by the investment mandates of the client. The focus is on absolute as well as relative returns. Extreme risk positions are not justified in order to achieve consistent and superior returns.


Global Top-Down / Bottom-Up Process

Our Approach

A study of the fiscal and monetary policies in place

An analysis of the geopolitical factors affecting the various key geopolitical factors affecting key economies

A disciplined method for valuing securities


Growth of a $1,000,000 Investment

A Singular Viewpoint

The statement by Chair Yellen last week confirmed our belief since late last year that the Fed has finally started to normalize interest rates. Yellen’s announcement virtually assures a rate hike later this month.
Even though the language continues to be relatively moderate, advocating a gradual rise in rates to calm the market it should nevertheless be viewed as a ploy. Until such time that the yield curve is normalized, interest rates will be steadily going up...
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John Hsu


About Us

John Hsu

  • John Hsu Capital Group (JHCG) is a Registered Investment Advisor under the 1940 Act and was incorporated in 1991.
  • Company manages global equity and international equity portfolios for institutional and personal wealth clients.
  • John Hsu Capital Group claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). To receive a complete list and description of our composites and/or a presentation that adheres to GIPS® standards, contact us at (212) 223 7515, or write John Hsu Capital Group, 747 Third Avenue, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10017, or
  • Company qualifies as a Minority Business Enterprise / Emerging Business Enterprise.
  • Team headed by John Hsu, with over 40 year experience in managing global portfolios.
  • Superior performance since inception against international benchmark indices i.e. MSCI EAFE.
  • Under common control with Sycee Capital, LLC, an unregistered investment adviser.